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How can you have a timer in Google Slides™? I can not tell you how many times I am asked this. I usually suggest to people to just do a timer in another tab… but that really isn’t what they wanted! NOW you can use Slides Timer for a Slides countdown timer. Please, consider buying the developer a coffee. Encourage this former educator, ClayCodes, to keep making cool tools for us!

Slides Timer Gif showing adding a textbox to google slides with <<1:00>> and then clicking on slideshow to show the countdown timer

ANY Google Slides

Slides Timer makes it insanely easy to add a timer to any Google Slides. This works while you are in presentation mode.

Click on Slideshow to start the timer.

Add a Textbox

In any textbox, add the shortcode <<1:00>>

less than, less than, time, greater than, greater than. Thus, <<3:00>> puts a 3 minute timer on a slide. <<1:24>> is one minute and 24 seconds.

<<2:00>> is a 2 minute Count DOWN timer

Let the Chrome Extension Do Its Work

How do you use Slides Timer? It just works. You never need to click on the Chrome Extension. You just need to have it installed. It starts to work when you are using Google Slides while presenting. It is that easy!

Buy Clay a Coffee

If you are using Slides Timer and would like to thank Clay, consider buying him a coffee. If you click on the Chrome Extension icon, which is likely hidden under the puzzle piece in the extension shelf, you will see the button to thank Clay. This also displays helpful tips.

slides timer chrome extension has a buy me a coffee button and tutorials

Slides Countdown Timer

The default is a Slides countdown timer. <<4:00>> will start at 4 minutes and count DOWN to zero.

Each Slide Can Have a Timer

You can add a timer to each slide. Let’s say you are trying to pace out your presentation and that you want to spend about 1 minute on each slide. However, you want to include class discussion in your presentation. Post a prompt on a slide and indicate how long the students have to talk about the prompt with their partner or group.

The timer on each slide does not start until you are presenting that slide. If slide 5 has a 3 minute timer, the 3 minutes will not start until you are looking at slide 5.

Count UP Timer

While the most common application during a Google Slides presentation is a count DOWN timer, you may also want a Google Slides Count UP timer.

Simply add a plus sign to the time.

<<1:00+>> starts at 1 minute and counts UP!

What Time Is It?

If you are doing a Google Meet or Zoom and it is being recorded you may want to display the date or the time on the slides.

<<date>> shows the current date on the slide.

It is also helpful to be able to display the current time. Add <<time>> to a textbox in the upper right hand corner to display the time, including seconds, while presenting your Google Slides.

Auto Advance to the Next Slide

“You have 5 minutes to research this item and then we are moving on.”

You very likely might want to move onto the next slide after a certain amount of time.

<<5:00-+>> will go to the next slide after 5 minutes

Adding a minus after the time indicates count DOWN. Putting a plus sign after the minus says to advance to the next slide. If you want to go to the previous slide use <<5:00–>>

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