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Live from TCEA – Sharing the Learning

Texas 2022! I had a great time connecting with teachers at #TCEA22. If you were not able to attend you can participate virtually and after the fact! Check out the Tweets for resources and tips shared out from the event. Here is a tip! Not everyone uses the same hashtag. If you notice people tweeting on a different hashtag, use a capital OR in the search box so you can follow ALL the hashtags. So I search for #TCEA OR #TCEA22 OR #TCEA2022

Search #TCEA OR #TCEA22 OR #TCEA2022

Live at TCEA

I did a few live broadcasts from the TCEA floor. Scroll down to check out all of the videos.

Hedreich Nichols and Victoria Thompson

Here are a couple of amazing ladies who I really respect as voices in the EdTech community. In this video we chat a little about using EdTech well. Hedreich Nichols has a new book out “Finding Your Blind Spots.” Check out her resources here. Victoria Thompson shares super helpful resources in many places. Check out her articles on Edutopia.

Canva for Education is FREE

I am obsessed with Canva. It is FREE for education. Sign up here: Scott Nunes from Canva shared some features of Canva. You contact him at to help set up your school for free.

Spaces EDU

Melody McAllister, mom of 5, author of the I’m Sorry Story, and events manager at shares her passion for Spaces EDU. Spaces provide an interactive, engaging way to communicate with students and create a portfolio.

The Juice Learning

Jamie Ellman came by to chat about The Juice. This is current events articles, written by The Juice, that are engaging for students and provide critical thinking opportunities. I love incorporating current events into classes and The Juice makes this easier.

Rachelle Dene Poth

Rachelle is a plethora of resources! Check out her books and podcasts.


Currently, syncs with Google Classroom. Coming soon is Schoology, Canvas, and other tools.

For Google Classroom users Schoolytics solves many of your frustrations. You can assign to groups, search for assignments to reuse. Get a single list of all assignments submitted across classes. You can create filters, progress reports, missing assignment reports, and more!

Literal App

It was Melody McAllister who pointed me to this tool. This is what educational technology should be! Not just making the same activities digital, but enhancing them to improve context, student engagement, and provide features that would ordinarily be impossible so as to improve learning.

Literal App turns books into “text message conversations.”

It is the full 100% text of a book, no variations, however, it is presented in the format of a texting conversation. Each character gets its own avatar. Students can swap out the avatars for pictures of themselves or any other picture. The experience is more engaging and in a format relatable to students. Literal App enhances the experience to provide the option to have the book read to the student. They can adjust the speed of the reading. Students can take notes within the application. Dictionary features are built-in.


I love Mote! You can record your voice and add to Google things easily! This makes it easier for you to give feedback, provide students audio directions, and for students to communicate with you through voice.

Use for an extended trial of premium features.

@hollyclarkedu The Mote Chrome Extension @justmotehq #tcea #teachertechtip #googleclassroom ♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] – Elliot Van Coup

Schoolytics & TikTok

Holly Clark is trying to get me into TikTok. I do not have one yet, however she is showing me how easy it is to make one.

@hollyclarkedu Upgrade your Google Classroom #tcea #teachertechtip #googleclassroom ♬ Good Day – Nappy Roots
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