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Hyperlink Slides Choice Board

Create a Google Slides Choice board with automated hyperlinks. This free Add-on can be used as a Choice Board or for creating Hyperdocs.
Hyperlink Slides Choice Board by Alice Keeler
Hyperlink Slides Choice Board
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I think you are really going to love my latest Add-on, so check it out. It is FREE and collects no user data or PII. I am working on a book with Heather Lyon titled “50 Ways to Engage Students with Google Apps.” (Not available yet, but check out my other books in the meantime.) One of the ways to engage students is to offer them choice! Google Slides™ is a great option for choice boards. This new Add-on will help you quickly create choice boards. If you make Hyperdocs™ in Google Slides this might help you also!

Any Google Slides

Turn ANY Google Slides into a choice board. After installing the Add-on, Hyperlink Slides Choice Board, you will see this option in the Add-ons menu for all of your Slides.

Table of Contents

The key to this Add-on is to design a table of contents for the choices on the first slide because this is where students will look for the choices. The Add-on looks for text boxes, or shapes, or images. Each of these will automatically generate a Google Slide so you do not have to!

Add-on Menu

After designing all of the choices on the first slide use the Add-ons menu. Choose “Hyperlink Slides Choice Board.” Select “Show Sidebar.”

Add-ons menu in Google Slides choose "Hyperlink Slides Choice Board."


In the sidebar choose “Create Slides: Text on Slides.” If you used textboxes or shapes with text on them a slide will be generated with the text in the choice as the heading on the slide. The text is also copied to the speaker notes because you want to know which slide is linked to each choice.

Sidebar for Hyperlink Slides Choice Board

Choosing “Create Slides” does not put the choice title on the slide. Because you will want to know which slide links to which choice, the text will be added to the speaker notes.

Home Button

On each created slide, a home icon is added in the bottom right corner. This will automatically link to the table of contents slide so as to make it easier to generate your choice board. Since students have a choice they may want to return to the home page. After that, they may want to see other choices.

Design the Directions

On each of the generated slides design the directions for the slide. You can modify the theme builder in order to create a unified appearance to the choice board.

Publish to the Web

In addition to designing the individual slides, you will want to provide the students with a published view of the Google Slides. Above all, you want to make it easy for students to access the choices. Therefore, use the File menu and select “Publish to the web.” This will give you the option to “Publish” and provide you with a link to the published presentation.

After publishing to the web, copy the publish link and share with students. Students will not see the filmstrip or toolbar in Google Slides and therefore are able to focus on the choices. Additionally, the choices will hyperlink effortlessly when in published view.

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As of this writing, I have TEN Add-ons for Google Apps approved. I am a Google Developer Expert and Google Cloud Innovator Champion. As part of my activities I create helpful Add-ons for teachers. I code for Schoolytics so you will see Add-ons by Schoolytics that I made!

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