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Together… Let’s Make a Google Form

Collaborate on Google Forms
Together… Let’s Make a Google Form

Collaborate on Google Forms Collaborating on a Google Form

Collaborating on a Google Form

Google Forms is awesome, but be warned there is NO revision history. If you have multiple collaborators on a Google Form and someone deletes a question or edits it accidentally, you have no recourse.

Students Collaborate

One idea for creating a collaborative Google Form is to have students create questions for a review activity.

My experience is usually kids, if you’ve done collaborative activities frequently, do not try to delete or mess up other kids work. It does happen on accident though. The more people you have editing the same Form the more likely an accident occurs.

The Add-On

Use this spreadsheet Add-on to allow multiple people to collaboratively create multiple choice questions in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Once the questions are designed, press a button in the sidebar to create a Google Form from the questions in the spreadsheet.

Use the Add-on menu to choose “Make a Form” and start.
make a form add on menu

Enter the questions and responses to the rows of the spreadsheet. Tip, delete blank rows to avoid blank question creation.
lets make a form add on alice keeler



The Form

The Form that is created will be linked on a sheet named Form Url. Click on the link to open and edit the Form. Updates to the spreadsheet will NOT update in the Form.
find the URL to the Google Form on the Form URL tab


This Add-on creates multiple choice questions with 4 options. Once the Form has been created it is easy to edit. You can change questions from multiple choice to short answer or paragraph text if that is preferable. If there are less than 4 multiple choice options (for example, true or false) you will need to delete the extra question choices created.

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