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Free Illustrative Math in GeoGebra

Illustrative Math in GeoGebra provides high quality math curriculum in a digital format. Bet of all, it is free.
Free Illustrative Math in GeoGebra

Illustrative Math is FREE Open Source CURRICULUM. This is not just some supplemental resources, but rather something you can fully adopt for your classroom. GeoGebra is also completely free. GeoGebra allows for interactive exploration of math concepts.

Fully Digital with GeoGebra

Illustrative Math Curriculum can be printed out and used, however GeoGebra has created the IM curriculum as fully digital. Students can work on communicating mathematically even when remote. Check out this grade 6 lesson and practice to help students explore the concept of Area, Surface Area, and Volume.

Lessons and Practice

Notice when opening an Illustrative Math lesson in GeoGebra there are 2 elements. The lesson and the practice problems. 

Assign button in GeoGebra lesson

Create Live Class Sessions

GeoGebra Classroom creates a live session lesson that allows you to see students working in real time

To engage students with Illustrative Math in GeoGebra, click “Assign” on your activity. Locate the button in the upper right. 

Live Session Code

Clicking assign allows you to choose to create a lesson strictly in GeoGebra or push to Google Classroom. A code is created that you share with students to join the lesson materials. 

Students Log In with Google

Students can choose to login with Google or type in their name. It is recommended they login with Google so their work is saved in their account. 

Student Work Tiles

A tile is added for each student who has joined. In live time, you are able to view what tasks students are working on and what their response is. 

2 student tiles in GeoGebra of students answering in real time.
2 student tiles showing in live time what they are responding.

Illustrative Math in GeoGebra Rich Tasks

The IM curriculum has multiple rich tasks embedded in each activity. Starting a live session class allows you and the students to work through these together. The student tile on the overview page shows you which task each student is working on along with a thumbnail of their work.

Click on the tasks on the side to view a tile of each students work on the task. Click on a student tile to enlarge and view. Student names can be hidden to allow for in class discussion or remote video class discussions.

Assign to Google Classroom

How do you assign math work digitally? GeoGebra is an easy answer. Open an activity in GeoGebra, including the Illustrative Mathematics activities and use the 3 dots in the upper corner to “Share.” After connecting your Google Classroom to GeoGebra you can post directly to an assignment. Students can work on the activity independently. You are able to access their work through Google Classroom. Students do NOT need a GeoGebra account to access the curriculum through Google Classroom since they login with their Google accounts.

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