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Google Meet Breakout Rooms – Enterprise Feature

Google Meet video chat is FREE and integrated into Google Classroom if your G Suite apps admin has it enabled. Did you know there are 2 tiers to G Suite for Education? Most features are free. However for an additional fee schools can upgrade their free G Suite Google accounts to Enterprise. Recording Google Meets is an Enterprise feature. The capability was enabled for the free tier of G Suite for Education at the end of the school year until September. Coming soon to the Enterprise features is the ability to have breakout rooms.

Basic Plan

  • Video meetings
  • Closed captioning
  • Up to 100 people
  • *Coming Soon: knock to join moderation
  • *Coming Soon: end meeting for all
  • *Coming Soon: blur background
  • *Coming Soon: mute all
  • *Coming Soon: disable chat
  • *Coming Soon: multi language closed captioning
  • *Coming Soon: restrict presenting
  • *Coming Soon: moderator joins first
  • *Coming Soon: hand raising
  • *Coming Soon: tiled view up to 49 participants

Enterprise Plan

  • 250 participants
  • Live streaming
  • Record meetings
  • *Coming Soon: Attendance tracking
  • *Coming Soon: Breakout rooms
  • *Coming Soon: Q&A for students
  • *Coming Soon: Polling questions

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms: Make it easy for large meetings to split into smaller groups, have parallel discussions, and reconvene once finished. 

Copied from Google Cloud blog

Breakout rooms are exciting because we should not be coming together to let one person do all the talking.

The person doing the talking is the person doing the learning.

However, in person or through video chat you can only have one person talk at a time and only a limited number of minutes is even feasible per student… Breakout rooms provide the opportunity for more students to talk for more time.

“Talk amongst yourselves”

When planning video meetings with students plan for video meetings with students have a list of challenges or topics students can discuss .

Share a Google Slides

I love me some collaborative Google Slides. This is ONE Google Slides where all students have edit access. One of my favorite things to do when I am in a video meeting with students is give them all edit access to the same Google Slides. When I ask a question I ask them to add a slide with their response. This way all students have an opportunity to participate, including the quiet students. I am screensharing so we can use the student responses to further the verbal conversation.

When in breakout groups consider having each group create one slide to add to the collaborative Google Slides for the video meeting to summarize their main takeaway.

When everyone comes back to the main video chat the collaborative Google Slides can help facilitate going over what was discussed in the breakout groups.

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