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Alert: Recoding Google Meet ENDS September 30 2020

Google meet free features end september 30
Alert: Recoding Google Meet ENDS September 30 2020

In response to school closures in March G Suite for Education enabled Enterprise features of being able to record Google Meet for all G Suite for Education domains.

Free Recoding Google Meet Ends September 30, 2020

Enterprise G Suite for Education

G Suite for Education is free. However, there are premium Enterprise features available for schools for a small cost. This includes the ability to record a Google Meet. Enterprise customers get unlimited originality plagiarism checking. (Note, EACH Google Classroom class on the free G Suite for Education gets 3 assignments with plagiarism checking.) The Enterprise version also has additional reporting and compliance features.

Friendly heads up that the free feature of recoding a Google Meet meeting is ending September 30th. Check with your school to see if they have Enterprise enabled.

Google For Education Teacher Center for Meet

Want to learn more about Google Meet video conferencing? Google has a training center for teachers.

Ditch That Textbook: How to use Google Meet for e-Learning

Matt Miller always has something good. Check out his tips for teaching using Google Meet

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