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FREE – pushSlides to Update Student Slides in Google Classroom

FREE – pushSlides to Update Student Slides in Google Classroom
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How to Update Student Google Sides

If you have a Google Slides PER STUDENT in an assignment in Google Classroom you may want to update the students slides. You could open each students slides and copy paste new slides. OR you can use my Add-on Reuse GC to push slides to students slides to update them.

Reuse GC Add-on

The main function of the Reuse GC Add-on is to allow you to reuse multiple Google Classroom assignments at once. However, I have created many extras for the Add-on, including the ability to push slides to update student slides in an assignment.

Copy the Add-on

The Reuse GC Add-on is not an official Add-on, I am opting to distribute it through my blog rather than going through the approval process with Google. After going to alicekeeler.com/reusegc you will need to make a copy of the Add-on and then wait about a minute for the code to load in the spreadsheet. You will see a Reuse GC menu in the Add-on menu.

Use the Reuse GC Add-on menu

Setup Your Class

You need one spreadsheet per class. The Reuse GC Add-on allows you to do several things for your Google Classroom class, pushing slides is just one of them. I copy the link to the spreadsheet and add a material to the Google Classroom class and paste the link to the spreadsheet in the description to make it fast to get back to the spreadsheet. I save this as a Draft. This spreadsheet is for me the teacher, not the students.

Click on blue setup button
Import classes, check the class, set the class, and get assignments.

Click the button to “Import Classes.” This will make a list of all your Google Classroom classes. Checkbox the class this spreadsheet is for and click on “Set Class.” This is a one time action. The class is saved to the Add-on. Once the class is set click on “Get Assignments.”


Locate the pushSlides button in the Assignments sidebar.

pushSlides button in the sidebar.

Create an Assignment with Google Slides

You can create a brand new assignment in Google Classroom that contains a Google Slides per student or you can select an assignment you already created but want to update the slides in.

Click on “Create Assignment” to generate a fresh assignment.

Have a Master Google Slides Ready

You will be prompted to give the link to the Google Slides that you will push FROM. I create a Google Slides with multiple daily warm ups. I do not want to release all the warm ups at once. So I will push the next days warm up from my list of warm ups.

It can take several minutes for Google Classroom to create a copy of a Google Slides per student. Wait several minutes to allow Google Classroom to distribute.

Choose an Assignment You Already Have

INSTEAD of creating a new assignment, click on “List” to list assignments you already have. Put a checkbox next to the assignment you wish to update and click on “Select Current Assignment” in the sidebar. You will be prompted for the link to your master Google Slides.

Update Slides

Now that you have generated the assignment on the Push tab of the spreadsheet, checkbox which assignment you wish to update. Click “Update Slides” in the sidebar.

This will prompt you to indicate which slide you want to push. Say Yes or No to if you want the slide to be pushed to the top, end, or custom position.

Go through the dialogue boxes to indicate that you want to reuse slides.

Wait For It

The slide will be pushed to the student slides. This can make many minutes. When the students slides are done updating the assignment from Classroom will open in a new tab (unless you have pop ups blocked).

Update Slides Again

Assuming you want to update the same assignment with the same master slides deck you simply need to click on the blue “Update Slides” button in the sidebar. Keep coming back to the spreadsheet and the pushSlides menu to push more slides.

Standalone Version of pushSlides

If you do not have Google Classroom here is the standalone version of pushSlides

27 thoughts on “FREE – pushSlides to Update Student Slides in Google Classroom

  1. If I have pushed slides, but I have a student come a few weeks later, will they get all of the slides that I pushed in the past weeks or do I have to resend them? Additionally, is there a way to push more than one slide at once?

  2. So if I want to continue to push slides out to this same assignment (a digital notebook) can I keep using the same spreadsheet? Where do I start if I’m using the same spreadsheet? Your add-on has been a lifesaver for my class! Thank you so much!

  3. Help! I LOVE this add on but made a huge mistake. I deleted the original assignment in Google classroom, so I can no longer push to my students’ slide decks. Is there a way I can “collect” all the slide decks in an assignment and continue to push new slides or am I out of luck?

  4. Will push slides allow a comment to be pushed with the slide? I often put a comment on pages for the students to click when they are finished with the work, but I have to go into each notebook and comment. Will this push the comment with the slide?

  5. I love your work! Is there a way to copy a series of text boxes to an existing google slide? I have some worksheets on an 8.5/11 google slide (thanks by the way for that tip!) and want to be able to paste the key to each assignment offset of the answers the students typed in. Is this possible?

  6. Is there a similar project to this for Google Sheets? For example, if I want to add a column to something students have a copy of already…?

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