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Google Slides: Create a Venn Diagram

In Google Slides or Google Drawing you can create a Venn Diagram by creating 2 circles and adjusting the transparency of the fill color.

Perfect Circles

The trick to a perfect circle is to hold down the Shift key when you draw the circle.

Shift Key

Fill Color – Reduce Opacity

To make your fill on your circle more transparent, first click on the paint can to choose the color you want for the first circle. Click on the paint can AGAIN to click on “Custom.”

Customize the paint can color

From the custom pop up, move the transparency slider to the left.

Transparency Slider


Single click on the circle you created and use Control D to duplicate it. Drag the circle to the right to create the overlapping circles.

Control D

Paint Can Twice

For the 2nd circle, click on the paint can to choose a different color. Now click on the paint can again to go to “Custom” and adjust the transparency.


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