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5 Things To Know About Teams Meeting

5 Things for Teams Meeting
5 Things To Know About Teams Meeting
5 Things for Teams Meeting

Microsoft Teams Meeting is Video Conferencing

I am a fan of Teams Meeting. I ask people, set up a Teams Meeting and send an invite. The video quality is excellent and it’s intuitive to use. In partnership with Microsoft I have been creating a playlist of videos about Teams Meeting. I thought I would share some of my top 5 things I thought you would want to know.

1. Create Meetings Anywhere in Teams

If you go to teams.office.com or if you have the Teams application you can find so many ways to connect with people via video. On any channel posts you can “Meet now,” You can go to calendar on the left to create a Meeting event, the video meeting is automatically added. From the Chat on the left side of Teams you can quickly turn a text chat into a video Meeting.

YouTube video

2. Blur Your Background

You’re working from home, no one needs to see that 🙂 In the Meeting, hover over the middle of the screen to get the toolbar to show up. Click on the 3 dots “More options” menu to find “Blur my background.

Blur my background option

3. Share a Whiteboard

YouTube video

In the toolbar there is an icon of a rectangle with an arrow, this is screen sharing. One of the options when screen sharing, besides the obvious, is to share a Whiteboard. Brainstorm and visualize the conversation by sharing a Whiteboard.

4. Invite to Join

On the floating toolbar is a participants icon. If someone is supposed to be in the meeting, hover over their name on the side and locate the 3 dots. This will give you the option to “Ask to join” where it will ring their Teams to notify them to join the Meeting. If you don’t have the persons contact info, look for the link icon to the right of “Invite someone.” This copies the Meeting information for you to paste somewhere to invite people in.

ask to join from the 3 dots

5. Meeting Options

YouTube video

This one is a biggie. When you create a Meeting everyone is added as a Presenter. This does not mean they are presenting but rather their status of permissions is they can mute others and remove people from the meeting. Clearly you don’t want that when you are meeting with students. The trick is to create the Meeting in Calendar. You have to create the Meeting and save! Then click back on the Meeting and you will notice a bunch of options that were not there when the Meeting was created. Click on “Meeting options”

Meeting options

You want to change “Who can present”, which is more accurately worded as “Who has presenter permissions”, to “Only me.” Now anyone joining the Meeting will be added as an Attendee instead of Presenter.

Only me can present

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