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Google Forms: Auto Collect Email Addresses

automatically collect email addresses
Google Forms: Auto Collect Email Addresses
Google Forms Automatically Collect Email Addresses

Set Your Preferences to Always Collect Email Addresses

We’ve all done it, sent out a Google Form and forgot to ask for the email address or name. How do you fix that… you can’t. So the best way to avoid being in this situation is to set your preferences to always collect email addresesses.

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3 Dots Menu

Go to forms.new. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right. This is the More options menu.

3 Dots more options menu in Google Forms


Click on “Preferences.”

Default Settings

Check the checkbox that says “Collect email addresses.”

Future Forms Only

Note: This will only apply to FUTURE Forms. This Form you are in and any Forms you already have will NOT collect email addresses without your manually setting it.

Go to forms.google.com and find all your Forms you’ve already made. Click open each Form, click on the settings cog, manually check the checkbox to “Collect email addresses.”

Collect email addresses checkbox

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