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Copy my folder Add on by Alice keeler

Copy Files from One Account to Another

If you want to copy your Google Drive files from one account to another the trick is to put the files in account A into a folder. Share the folder with account B. In account B go to “Shared with Me” and start copying the files in that folder. This is tedious. Obviously you would like to copy the entire folder all at once. Currently, this is not a feature in Drive. Use my Add-on Copy my Folder to make this possible.

Copy my Folder

This is NOT available in the G Suite Marketplace. You MUST make a copy of my template. Google charges $15,000 to review Add-ons so instead I am distributing through my blog.

When you want to copy a Google Drive folder simply to go to It will prompt you for a copy. You want to do this on account B, the one you want to make the copies to.

Wait For It

Because the Add-on is not permanently installed it can take a full minute for the code to load and be added to the bottom of the Add-on menu.

Add-ons Copy my folder option

Authorizing the Add-on

You are the owner of the spreadsheet. The authorization screen can be intimidating. It is letting you know that Google has not reviewed my code. You will need to click “Advanced” and “unsafe” to acknowledge that Google has not reviewed the code. Google charges me $15,000 to remove this warning screen. You are authorizing YOURSELF access to your Google Drive. No one else has access to your files.


After authorizing, click on “Copy Folder” in the sidebar.

Choose Your Folder

Click on “Select a folder” and SINGLE CLICK on the folder you wish to copy from your Google Drive.

Hang Tight

Google Apps Script is not super fast to run and copy all of the files. There is nothing else to do besides wait for it to finish copying the files. You will see the complete list of copied files.

Timed Out

Gmail accounts are only allotted 5 minutes of run time for Google Apps Script Add-ons. If you have a lot of files that need copying and the Add-on times out simply click on “Copy More” in the sidebar to resume they copying.

Pro Version

This Add-on is free and only allows you to copy the files within one folder. The PRO version also copies subfolders and creates the copies in a folder in MyDrive rather than as a subfolder of the original folder.

If you would like more advanced features or just to help me continue to develop free Add-ons please consider purchasing the PRO version for a one time cost of $5.

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