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Google Docs: Change Background Color

Change the background color GOogle DOcs

Why Be Boring?

The default background in Google Docs is white. But why not be more colorful! See this activity in a Google Doc where I changed the background to brown.


Page Setup

Use the File menu in your Google Doc to choose “Page Setup.”

File menu Page Setup

Not Printing

Depending on what you are making, there is a chance you have no intention of printing. So why not break loose of the 8.5 by 11? Feel free to click on “Paper size,” “Page color,” and Margins and set them however you feel!

Table Properties

Now that you have a colorful background and skinnier margins, try inserting a table. Right click on the table and choose “Table properties.” Reset the border thickness and color.

Right click on the table to choose table properties

Use the paint can in the toolbar to fill in the cells of your table.

Color the cells of the table

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