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Teachers, Take a Break!

Take a Break
Teachers, Take a Break!

Our Bodies and Our Brains Need a Break

Last year I wrote Don’t Be the Holiday Grinch: Ditch the Break Packets. For years I made these giant holiday worksheet packets. WHY? No one told me to do that? I thought I had to do that, what from my past made me think this was something that was good for learning?

I Will Punish You Because I Am Doing Work

Sometimes the pushback I will get on not giving holiday homework is not an argument about what is good for learning but rather a statement that they (the teacher) are doing work over break so the kids should too.


Teaching is incredibly hard. I know I personally sacrifice time with my family so I can leave feedback for students and create activities. When does my family get to be the priority? What if YOU took a break over the holidays? NO SCHOOLWORK! Let it go! The sky will not fall.

One of the great things about teaching is that I am not working at McDonald’s or someplace that dictates everything I am doing. I get the creativity to write my lesson plans and make decisions about how my students will learn. When I took work home on the break it was not because one person at my school told me I had to. I assigned myself that work.

Have a Happy Holiday

In fact, didn’t your principal and others around you wish you to have a relaxing and happy holiday multiple times? Heed that advice!

My Idea of a Good Time is Making Graphic Organizers

Okay true, I do enjoy making graphic organizers and fun activities (especially after reading a few solitaire cash reviews) for my kids. This is really my hobby, not my job. I do not HAVE to make fun activities for my kids. I do not get called into the principal’s office if I don’t have a cool new activity for my students to do. No one gives me detention or calls my mom. It is my choice to make those and if I do them over vacation it is because I wanted to, not because I had to.

Give Yourself Permission to Relax

Break the “I should” mentality of spending 365 days a year on school when you get paid for 185. You have earned this holiday break. We are better teachers when we are not stressed out, so relax! Happy Holidays!!

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