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Don’t Be the Holiday Grinch: Ditch the Break Packets

ditch the holiday break packets

Confession: I used to give homework packets over holiday breaks. Why? NOT because I read any research telling me to. NOT because it was presented as a pedigocally sound practice in my credential classes. NOT because my department asked me to.

It was done to me.

I just assumed it is what you do. I gave my students a fat packet of busy work and stole their family time. I caused parents to fight with their kids to get the packets completed. I just threw a bunch of math problems onto paper with no thought of what my students might be doing instead on their BREAK.


One Thanksgiving break I didn’t get the packet made on time. The world did not fall apart. This was my ephiany. No one called me out on this practice, I just didn’t make one once and nothing bad happened. Why am I putting all this effort into making the packet, copying it, and hassling kids later????

No Good Reason

Research does not support this practice. We give students negative associations with school. We can let this go. Give yourself a break. Give students a break.


It seems obvious … It’s called break. So where is the break?

We do not have any reason to dictate to students what they do over the break. Let their families decide. Let the families have a break from school mandates. Let’s all just relax!

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