Press Enter a Bunch of Times

Press Enter in a Google Doc

I am always collaborating, even if I am collaborating with myself. My habit when I start a Google text document is to press enter repeatedly. This provides me room to collaborate without fighting for the same cursor space. It’s muscle memory. Create a doc and press enter at least 10 times.
press Enter


When collaborating in a Google Doc at the same time you are potentially fighting for cursor space. By pressing enter several times before inviting others to the document you provide each person room to work.


I love Control X to cut out text and move it to other places in the document. When I have entered a bunch of times it is easier to reorder and reorganize my paragraphs. Use Control V to place the paragraph in a new place in the document.
Control X

Pasting From the Internet

I previously posted some tips for pasting from the Internet. When you paste sometimes the formatting gets really funked up and causes challenges in your document. When you have pressed enter several times to have regular formatting below where you are pasting, this can save the day.

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