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Google Classroom: Control 1 Return to Gmail

Google Classroom: Control 1 Return to Gmail

Control 1 Google Classroom workflow

Improve Your Google Classroom Feedback Workflow

Google Classroom can generate a lot of email. They are essential for me though to be able to respond quickly to students, which matters. The trick is to learn how to manage the email notifications. I have recently figured out an improvement to my feedback workflow: Control 1.

Control 1

Filter Gmail

I filter my Gmail for Google Classroom Private Comments. I star them and have them in a special section in my Gmail.
Private comments in gmail

I click on the email with Private Comments and click in the center of the email to open Google Classroom.
Tzira reply to private comment

A New Tab

When Google Classroom is launched I am now in a new tab … that is loading. I do not wait for tabs to load. I immediately go back to Gmail and delete the email. I will repeat this process 5-7 times to give each of the Google Classroom tabs enough time to load.

Control 1

Assuming that Gmail is your first tab, holding down the Control key (Command on a Mac) and pressing 1 will take you back to Gmail.


  1. Gmail
  2. Open email
  3. Click reply in middle of email to launch Google Classroom
  4. Control 1 (Do not wait!)
  5. Delete email.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 around five times.
  7. Go to the last tab.
  8. Respond to Private Comments.
  9. Control W to close the tab. This takes you to the next student’s Private Comments to reply to.

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