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Google Drive Recent Press N

Google Drive Recent Press N

Use Google Drive to Easily Rename Files

I love me a good keyboard shortcut. Once I’ve practiced it enough times it’s muscle memory and my efficiency increases significantly. The keyboard shortcut to rename files in Google Drive is to simply press the letter N. Try it!

Webcam Record

YOU are important to your students. YOU and high-quality feedback are highly effective tools for student learning. One way I like to use myself and give student’s feedback is to record a short webcam video (do not worry if you look wonky).

Saves to Drive

The Webcam Record Chrome extension saves the recording to Google Drive. The extension also automatically copies the link to the video to your clipboard, making it super easy to paste into a Google Classroom or a gradebook comment spot your video feedback.
Webcam Record

Of course, it gives it a generic name. I recommend renaming it to something meaningful.
recent in Google Drive find the video

Google Drive Recent Press N

Here is my renaming workflow when I use the Webcam Record Chrome extension.

  1. Click the Chrome extension icon in the extension shelf and record a short feedback video.
  2. Go to another tab in Google Chrome that has Google Drive open.
  3. Click on Recent.
  4. Single click on the Webcam video I just recorded.
  5. Press N.
  6. Rename it something meaningful.
  7. I might then go to a spot I am leaving a student a comment and use Control V to paste the link to the video. OR I might use Google Slides and the Insert menu and choose “Video” to add the webcam recording to Slides (or Google Sites.)

It can take a minute or two for the video to render (process) so while I am waiting for that to happen, it is a good opportunity to bop over to Google Drive and press N to rename the video file.

Rename by pressing N

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