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Google Classroom: Emoji Feedback

Emoji Private Comments
Google Classroom: Emoji Feedback
Emoji Private Comments

Leave Student’s Emoji’s for Feedback

I think many of us wish Google Classroom allowed us as teachers to add attachments or pictures to student assignments (leave feedback!). One hack I have for this is to ask students to create a Google Drawing I can leave Bitmoji’s and other feedback on. Obviously, that has its drawbacks. But did you know you can leave emoji’s ? ? in Google Classroom Private Comments?


The easiest way to leave an emoji in Google Classroom Private Comments is to use your phone or tablet. Emoji’s are right there in your mobile device keyboard. What student doesn’t want a fun poo ? emoji?

Emoji in Google Classroom

Search Emoji Websites

Emoji’s are NOT restricted just to your mobile device! There are websites that list emoji’s, you can copy and paste from the website to the Private Comments of Google Classroom.


Emoji Website

Private Comments

To find Private Comments in Google Classroom click on any assignment title in the Stream. This takes you to the assignment assessment screen. Click on any student’s name on the left hand side. In the bottom right of the screen you will be able to leave this student a Private Comment.
Bitmoji in the Private Comments

Learn More About Google Classroom

Notice on my site at the top I have a menu to navigate to my Google Classroom page where I have over 100 blog posts on using Google Classroom. You can also get there directly by going to alicekeeler.com/googleclassroom. I also have a tour of Google Classroom at 50thingsbook.com.


Try out one of my Go Slow Online Workshops. They are 6 weeks and you are a student in Google Classroom for the workshop. Taking on the role of a student in Google Classroom is one of the most useful things you can do to. Go to alicekeeler.com/membership to learn more about these workshops. The workshops are $40. For the January 2018 Google Classroom Basics workshop there is a special promotion of only $10.

GC basics new year


If you would like a book check out my book “50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom” and “50 Things to Go Further With Google Classroom: A Student-Centered Approach.” The first book is an introduction to what you can do with Google Classroom. The second (red) book assumes you’re a Google Classroom user and are looking for ways to use Google Classroom beyond pushing out documents to students.

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