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Love Google Classroom – Send Them Feedback

Love Google Classroom – Send Them Feedback

Google Send Feedback Classroom

Google Classroom has revolutionized what I am able to do in the classroom. I stretch it beyond just handing out documents and collecting. I always ask myself, how can I have students collaborate and connect? How can I give students feedback faster? Google Classroom has allowed me to spend more time with students. This makes an impact.

In the bottom left-hand corner of Google Classroom is a grey circle with a question mark. Click on the question mark and choose “Send Feedback.” This takes you to a form you can fill out to provide the Google Classroom team with feedback. The Google Classroom team reads every piece of feedback, they listen to your suggestions. In just a year, the Google Classroom team has launched many new features based on your feedback. Tell them how much you love the Calendar integration and the new polling feature.

Provide them ideas for additional features you would like to see added to Google Classroom. Each feedback item submitted is tagged so it is important that you only submit one idea at a time. Fill out the feedback form multiple times if you have more than one idea.

Send the Google Classroom team some love often, they listen to you and who doesn’t appreciate a pat on the back. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Love Google Classroom – Send Them Feedback

  1. I am a high school English teacher, and Google Classroom is very helpful. There is one glitch though; when I want to edit an assignment, I have to edit each class one at a time. It does not have a drop down box to let me select all classes when in the edit mode. Editing each class separately takes quite a long time.

  2. I use Google Classroom daily in my ELA classes. I love it, but wish I had access to use features like italics, bold, colored fonts, etc.. when I am using it for announcements and other assignments. Am I missing something? I would also like to be able to use these features with Google Forms.

  3. Here’s the feedback I just left them about comments. It’s so close to being awesome, but it still slows down the workflow enough that I don’t use it that much:

    The comment bank in google classroom would be great if there were a comment control center where I could click a checkbox for relevant comments for each assignment. Then my bank would be a more manageable size. Right now it’s so long that I have to scroll quite a bit.

    It is also REALLY SLOWING down my workflow to have to click to copy and paste each comment. Is it not possible to drag them to appropriate points in the student text?

    I would love a quick and easy voice to text option too. Right now it’s about 6 clicks on each assignment to make it happen.

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