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Ditch the Involuntary Cropping in New Google Sites

Involuntary cropping
Ditch the Involuntary Cropping in New Google Sites

Involuntary cropping

Uncrop Your Images in Google Sites

If you are using the new Google Sites it is pretty easy to use. I especially like that I can right click to insert content. Previously I blogged 7 Hidden Tricks for Google Sites, here is one more trick.

Resize Images

When resizing an image on Google Sites there is some crazy algorithm that doesn’t allow you to constrain the proportions. It automatically adjusts the zoom and cropping on the image. Honestly…. this is maddening. I spend so much time trying to manipulate the picture. I will go make a new picture with different dimensions that I hope fits better. I’ll get other people involved in trying to figure out how to size the picture so I can see the whole picture. My take… I do not ever want involuntary cropping. 
 Forced cropping


Click on an image to reveal a toolbar. The 2nd icon “Uncrop” is so unfamiliar to me it didn’t occur to me that it would fix all of my problems. Click the Uncrop icon and boom, you see the entire picture, no cropping. 
uncrop icon

Uncrop is magical. Just stretch your image with no regard for the involuntary cropping, then simply click the “Uncrop” icon. Life is good. 
uncrop icon at work





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