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Chromebook: Take a Partial Screenshot

control shift windows switcher
Chromebook: Take a Partial Screenshot

control shift windows switcher

Chromebook: Take a Partial Screenshot

control shift windows switcher key

To take a partial screenshot on a Chromebook, hold down the Control key, the Shift key and the Windows switcher key (above the 6 key). This will change the arrow into cross hairs allowing you to select a portion of the screen. A full screenshot can be taken by omitting the alt key. Control and the Windows switcher key takes a full screenshot.


A notification will pop up in the bottom right corner. Click on the notification to view the screenshot in the downloads folder. You can also click on the “Copy to clipboard” to copy the screenshot to the clipboard. Use Control V to paste the screenshot into Google Apps such as Google Docs, Slides or Drawings.
Chromebook screenshot notification

Notice in the screenshot above the notifications count of 3. The notifications count is to the left of the time in the bottom right-hand corner. Click on the notification to bring back up the recent screenshots you have taken.

Pin to Shelf

To help me more quickly find my screenshots and downloads I have pinned the downloads folder to the shelf. After taking a screenshot, I clicked on the notification to open up the downloads folder. This put the icon on the shelf, bottom-left. The icon is a blue circle with a white folder icon on it. Right click on the icon to “Pin” to the shelf. This makes the link to the downloads folder always quickly accessible.
pin folder to shelf

Drag to Drive

By default, the screenshots are saved to the Chromebook. There is limited space on the Chromebook, although it would probably take you awhile to fill it up with screenshots. From the downloads folder, the screenshots you want to save or edit, simply drag to the “My Drive” on the left-hand side. I will usually then go to Google Drive and click on Recent. Right click and “Open with” Pixlr.

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  1. Thanks Alice – this is a quick and effective technique. I am a fan and frequent user of the Nimbus screenshot add-on. Lots of capture options with annotation features.

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