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Google Slides: JigSaw Activity Template

Google SLides JigSaw
Google Slides: JigSaw Activity Template

The jigsaw method, a cooperative learning approach where students become “experts” on specific sections of a topic and then share their knowledge with classmates, has long been cherished for its ability to foster collaboration, critical thinking, and communication. In the digital age, Google Slides has emerged as a versatile platform that can revolutionize the way we conduct jigsaw activities, making them more engaging, interactive,

JigSaw Effectiveness

The Jigsaw strategy has proven to be an effective cooperative learning method, significantly enhancing student performance and fostering essential social skills. 

A study by Jainal and Shahrill (2021)  demonstrated that students’ test scores improved considerably when using the Jigsaw method. Additionally, students enjoyed the learning process more, developing greater responsibility, better collaboration, and stronger social skills. These findings highlight the Jigsaw strategy’s potential to create a more engaging and effective learning environment.

Jainal, N. H., & Shahrill, M. (2021). Incorporating Jigsaw strategy to support students’ learning through action research. International Journal on Social and Education Sciences (IJonSES), 3(2), 252-266. https://doi.org/10.46328/ijonses.75

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A JigSaw Template in Google Slides

Creating a JigSaw in Google Slides doesn’t have to be fancy. Share a Slides presentation with edit access and allow students to contribute their part. I created a Google Slides JigSaw template to help you get started. 

Theme Builder

I used the theme builder under the view menu to design a title slide for each group. Giving each group a place to build their slides helps the JigSaw activity go more smoothly. 

Google Slides: A Dynamic Platform for Jigsaw Activities

Google Slides, with its collaborative features and multimedia capabilities, offers a dynamic platform for conducting jigsaw activities. Its intuitive interface, real-time collaboration tools, and multimedia integration make it an ideal tool for creating engaging and interactive jigsaw experiences.

Key Features of Google Slides for Jigsaw Activities:

Real-Time Collaboration:

Students can work together simultaneously on the same slide deck, adding content, commenting on each other’s work, and providing feedback in real time. This promotes active engagement and encourages a collaborative learning environment.

Multimedia Integration:

Google Slides allows for the seamless integration of text, images, videos, audio clips, and other multimedia elements. This enables students to create visually appealing and informative presentations that capture the attention of their audience.


Google Slides is accessible from any device with an internet connection, allowing students to work on their projects both in and out of the classroom. This flexibility promotes independent learning and encourages students to take ownership of their learning process.

Easy Sharing and Presentation:

Google Slides makes it easy to share slide decks with classmates and teachers. Students can present their findings directly from Google Slides, using the built-in presentation mode for a seamless and professional experience.

A Simple Template for Success: Streamlining the Jigsaw Process with Google Slides

To simplify the implementation of JigSaw activities, use a Google Slides template to streamline the process and ensure a smooth workflow. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a Template: Start by creating a Google Slides template with a slide for each section of the topic. Include a title, key questions, and space for students to add their research findings.
  2. Share and Assign: Share the template with all students through Google Classroom or any other learning management system, giving them editing access. Divide students into expert groups and assign each group to a specific slide within the template.
  3. Research and Collaborate: Students work collaboratively within their expert groups to research and summarize their assigned section on their designated slide. They can add text, images, videos, and other multimedia elements to enhance their presentations.
  4. Present and Teach: Once students have mastered their section, they present their findings to their JigSaw groups. The Google Slides template provides a structured format for presentations, ensuring that each group covers the essential information.
  5. Review and Reflect: After all groups have presented, students review the entire Google Slides presentation to solidify their understanding of the topic. The teacher can facilitate a class discussion to address any questions or misconceptions.


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