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Google Slides: Lock Down Slide Content

Slides lock down text

I love to use collaborative Google Slides. I am frequently asked about how to keep students from editing my slides in the template. While you can not restrict editing on Slides like you can a Google Sheets spreadsheet, there is a trick that will help keep the slide from being edited. (Note: This is different than editing the theme builder. That is also a great technique but different”ish” purpose)

Create the Slide

Create a Google Slides. Use or check out SlidesMania. Design the slide with the images and text that you wish.

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Download as PNG

With the slide selected, go to the File menu and choose “Download as” and choose “PNG image.” This will download the image of that slide to the computer.
Download as PNG

Delete the Slide

Delete the slide. The current slide has the ability to move the text and images around. You want to replace this with immoveable elements.

Delete the slide in google slides

Insert Blank Slide

From the layout options, insert a blank slide.

Set Background

From the toolbar, choose the “Background” button.

Change Background

Choose the Image and upload the image of the slide you downloaded. This will set the slide content as the background image, which can not be easily manipulated by students.

Choose Image
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11 thoughts on “Google Slides: Lock Down Slide Content”

  1. Making customized login cards for my 3 buildings, is there a way to lockdown the background with my basic information (Name: Password) and then use a merge to pull in their personalized information from Sheets (similar to a Mail Merge)?

  2. Wondering about accessibility on this strategy… It would save me a ton of time, but I want alllllll my kiddos to get equal access. Is there efficient alt text for backgrounds? or would you make another copy for those who need it? would they then miss out on collaboration with the group?

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