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NEW! Google Forms: Add Images to Answer Choices

Google Forms Images (1)
NEW! Google Forms: Add Images to Answer Choices

Google Forms Images (1)

Add Images to Google Forms

One of the best new Google Apps features launched last week is the update to Google Forms. The previous version only allowed you to add an image separately from the question. The update allows you to add a picture to the question itself and also to multiple choice answer choices.

Google Forms

Create a Google Form by going to forms.google.com or from Google Drive.
create a new form at forms.google.com


The floating toolbar on the right side of Google Forms allows you to insert an image to the Google Form. This is independent of the questions.
Add an image

Question Image

To have a question with an image included, place your cursor on the question line while editing the Form. To the right of the question line, an image icon will show up. Click on this to add an image.
add a question image

Image Options

After adding the image you can resize it as you normally would by grabbing the resizing handle in the corner and dragging it.
more options for the image

After adding the image, a circle with 3 dots in it appears. A 3 dots icon indicates “More options.” Click the 3 dots to center, change or remove the image.
center change or remove an image in a google form

Checkboxes or Multiple Choice

To add images to answer choices the question type must be either “Checkboxes” or “Multiple choice.”
checkboxes or multiple choice

Answer Choice Image

When your cursor is in the answer choice line, the icon to add an image to that answer choice appears to the right of the line.
add answer choice image

Not More Options

Unlike when you add an image to the question itself, there are no additional options when added to the answer choice. The image appears below the answer line.
add an image to multiple choice no extra options

The images appear in the Google Form above the text for each question option.
image options in Google Forms

No Images in Responses

It is important that you do not only have a picture for the response. The response is what is captured, NOT the image.
Image not captured in Google Form responses

No Images in Spreadsheet

When you create a spreadsheet for your Google Form, the image responses do NOT go to the spreadsheet either. Only the text response will be recorded in the results.

Google Forms Images 

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