Download Images and DRAG

On a Mac or PC when you download a picture it shows in the download bar at the bottom of the screen. This indicates the image is saved to the downloads folder. Instead of hunting down the downloads folder to drag the images into my Google Docs or Google Classroom you can drag right from the download bar at the bottom. This does not work on Chromebooks. Drag image from download bar

Create a Google Classroom Header

In this video I go to and design a Google Classroom header. I then use the File menu to “Download as” and choose PNG. This shows the downloaded header in the download bar at the bottom. Switching over to Google Classroom I click on “Upload photo” and where it allows me to drag images to upload, I click and drag from the download bar at the bottom into the upload window. This works anywhere you want to upload images. You can also drag directly onto a Google Slides or Google Docs.


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