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Gamification of the Classroom

Gamification of the Classroom

Gamification of the Classroom (1)

These are the slides, resources and notes for my presentation at BETT 2015 in London on “Gamification of the Classroom”

Click Here to link to my slides.

Click Here to level up your gamification of the classroom

Click Here for a sample XP list

Click Here for a sample quest list.

Click Here for a level up to do list.

Click Here for a badge template.

Click Here for a badges activity template.

Click Here for a sample of the badges activity.

Click Here to link to Quia to create playsheets.

Click Here to link to Class Dojo.

Click Here for @mrmatera blog post on gamification.


5 thoughts on “Gamification of the Classroom

  1. Hi Alice! I’m wanting to try gamification for my art classroom (high school level) as I’m having a hard time motivating my Ss to really use the time creatively. I thought maybe if I gave it more of a competitive edge, it might become fun again to create and not just sit and talk hour. I have downloaded several of your documents but I am getting overwhelmed on where to start. Suggestions?

  2. Alice,

    I wanted to reach out to you because I am having a bit of a mental block with the difference between Gamification versus Game-based learning. I have been researching a ton over the last few months in order to support teachers in our school district in gamifying their classroom. I understand the idea of using game mechanics in a non-game environment (e.g.: a classroom), but I have hit a wall. A teacher came to me and asked if she created a review game using Jeopardy, if that was Gamification. My gut tells me that this is more Game-based learning, but I feel like the line is becoming fuzzy. Could you help? I’d love to hear your clarifying thoughts on this.


    Adrian Neibauer

    1. Jeopardy is gamification. Ask… does the game support the learning objective? Your first hint that it is gamification and not GBL is if it can be used in ANY class.

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