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Instructional Video Tips with Dave Mulder: Start with a Story

Instructional Video Tips with Dave Mulder: Start with a Story

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Dave Mulder has a wonderful style to creating online instructional videos. Previously I had shared some of his instructional video techniques in a blog. Here are some additional things we can learn from Dave Mulder

Start with a Story

I really appreciate that he did not start his video with “hi.” He starts right in with a story. Just as in the face to face classroom we want to “hook” our students into the lesson. Research shows that viewers of a video decide in the first 10 seconds whether they want to watch the video. Do not waste those first 10 seconds with an introduction. Hook the learner and set up an anticipation for wanting to learn.

Comfortable Speaking Tone

Dave has a clear and comfortable speaking tone. He clearly has practiced making videos and talks to the camera as if he is personally talking to someone, rather than awkwardly at his iPad camera or webcam.

Alternates Face and Slides

Dave starts full face, no slides. He is adding that personal touch. It is important that when teaching an online course that the instructor has presence in the course. There are many ways that this needs to happen. Including your face in your instructional videos is an excellent way to do this.

Dave switches to the slides and gives the students a clear view of the slide. He does not linger too long on the slide before bringing his face back.

Clear Slides

Dave limits the amount of text on each slide. He chooses a high quality image that helps focus what he is talking about. This allows the students to focus on what he is talking about rather than being distracted by reading the text on the slides.


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