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Embed Video into Microsoft Forms

Embed Video in Microsoft Forms

When using a Microsoft Form you can add a YouTube video or Microsoft Stream video to a question. This allows you to ask the responder to view the video and answer a question about the video. Microsoft Stream is a secure place to upload your school district videos. You can upload videos to Microsoft Stream just like you would to… Read More »Embed Video in Microsoft Forms

Safely share youtube videos

Safely Share YouTube Videos

Add YouTube Videos to Google Slides I was asked how to keep YouTube from showing suggested videos. An easy way to accomplish this is to share a Google Slides with YouTube videos embedded in the slides! Bonus, you can add context and notes to the video. YouTube Locate the video you want to share with students on YouTube and copy… Read More »Safely Share YouTube Videos

YouTube playlist

YouTube: Add to Playlist

Add a Video to a YouTube Playlist It would be hard to deny the impact that YouTube has had on our culture. I don’t know about your kids but my 5 kids are constantly learning things from watching YouTube. A video can be an excellent hook for learning. Create curiosity. As you troll YouTube and find those awesome videos, add… Read More »YouTube: Add to Playlist

bookmark youtube live

YouTube Live: Bookmark It

Google Hangouts on Air is being moved to YouTube Live YouTube live allows you to live broadcast to YouTube and have the recording automatically save to YouTube. I really like the features of YouTube live. There is an integrated chat for those watching the video stream that is really nice. It also seems I am able to have more people… Read More »YouTube Live: Bookmark It

Find Video Manager in YouTube

Click Here to open Melanie Ramsey’s image. Recently YouTube has made some changes to their interface. I was having trouble locating where the Video Manager in YouTube is, Melanie Ramsey saved the day. She quickly tweeted me a Google Drawing she created with how to directions! Click on your Profile Picture Clicking on your profile picture now gives you the… Read More »Find Video Manager in YouTube

YouTube Playlist Tips

When I am making videos for my online classes I strive to create 30 second video clips. 3 minutes is my upper limit, but I really try not to get anywhere close to that length for a video. Rather than one long video I record for 30 seconds at a time and put the collection of videos into a YouTube playlist.… Read More »YouTube Playlist Tips