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Safely Share YouTube Videos

Safely Share YouTube Videos

Add YouTube Videos to Google Slides

I was asked how to keep YouTube from showing suggested videos. An easy way to accomplish this is to share a Google Slides with YouTube videos embedded in the slides! Bonus, you can add context and notes to the video.


Locate the video you want to share with students on YouTube and copy the URL.

Google Slides

Your Google Slides may be only one slide if you just want to share one video, but you can also take advantage of the fact that you now have a multi-media platform that not only embeds YouTube videos but allows you to add more context, discussion or thinking questions, and next steps for what to do with the video.

Insert Video

On your Google Slides use the Insert menu to choose “Video.”

insert video from the menu

Use the URL option if you already have the link copied to your clipboard.

Link to Youtube video by URL

Format Options

Single click on the video and notice in the toolbar is an option for “Format options.” In the sidebar on the right choose “Video playback.”

You may want to select to have the video autoplay or perhaps only show a clip of the video.

No Suggested Videos

Since your video is considered part of a presentation no suggested videos are offered when the video is done playing.

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