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your tools are obsolete

I WANT My Tech Tools to Become OBSOLETE

When, Not If, Your Tech Becomes Obsolete Whatever tool you’re currently using… it will become obsolete. It will change, update, or not exist anymore. You’ve invested all your time into getting your curriculum into ___ and then you have to start over. An update eliminated your favorite feature or the interface is totally different and you can not find your way around.… Read More »I WANT My Tech Tools to Become OBSOLETE

how fast do you type_

How Fast Do You Type?

The Faster I Type, The Faster I Am Done Keyboarding was possibly one of the most useful classes I ever took. I remember in 8th grade being mad that I had to touch type, it was slower than my 2 finger method. However, by the end of the class literally my classmates would stand around me and watch me type.… Read More »How Fast Do You Type?

Jennifer Gonzalez make it stick

Make It Stick – Ditch Ineffective Learning Practices

Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning Jennifer Gonzalez (@cultofpedagogy) does it again with a brilliant blog post on improving learning. Previously I shared her post on Worksheet Packets where she identifies what a worksheet is and alternative ideas to using packets. We are all guilty of doing what was done to us as students, it is understandable. However,… Read More »Make It Stick – Ditch Ineffective Learning Practices

what is a worksheet cult of pedagogy jennifer Gonzalez

Addressing the Worksheet and Packets – @cultofpedagogy

Frickin Packets by @cultofpedagogy I really enjoyed reading Jennifer Gonzalez blog post “Frickin’ Packets” where she not only defined a worksheet but accurately identified paper printed activities that are not terrible. I can not speak for any teacher prep program but the one I was in, but my program never addressed the worksheet or the worksheet packet. We did sample… Read More »Addressing the Worksheet and Packets – @cultofpedagogy

who did the work homework

Who Did the Work?

Who Does the Homework? Today my little sister Nancy turns 40, she is 14 months younger than me. Being one grade level apart the work we were asked to do in school was relatively similar. It was not uncommon for us to trade homework. I didn’t want to write Chaucer’s tales for English and she didn’t want to do the… Read More »Who Did the Work?

edtech is not scary

EdTech is Not Scary: 5 Things to Start With

EdTech is Not Scary The world interacts digitally. We are failing our students by not helping them to be users of digital technology. As we debate the value of teaching cursive it is undeniable that students will be using technology outside of school in the real world. Integrating technology into our lessons is essential but this does not have to… Read More »EdTech is Not Scary: 5 Things to Start With

accept latework

Let’s Value the Learning

I Accept Late Work for Full Credit I saw this blog post posted on Twitter titled “I accept late work for full credit.” I really appreciated many of the points Dr. O’Malley presented. “If it is worth doing, its worth doing late” What is our purpose for teaching? It is so the students will learn. That is it. There is… Read More »Let’s Value the Learning

win ditch that homework

Giveaway: Ditch That Homework

Enter To Win a Copy Fill out this Google Form to be entered to win a copy of Ditch That Homework by Alice Keeler and Matt Miller (or any of Alice Keeler’s books.) The winner will be randomly chosen. Books are physical copies, we will ask the winner for their mailing address. Loading…