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10 EdTech Tools to Try for 2018

  1. Flipgrid 2. Formative 3. EquatIO 4. Quizizz 5. Adobe Spark 6. PhET Simulations https://phet.colorado.edu/en/ 7. Mentimeter 8. Classcraft 9. Pear Deck 10. Newsela        

Online Teaching: The Creative Approach By @EBGtech

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For right now, if you can’t focus on it, don’t focus on it. Focus on what you can. What new skills are they learning because of this situation? Focus on those skills and celebrate those successes.

I'm Sorry Story

From the Author @mjmcalli – I’m Sorry Story

The Journey to be an Author Guest Post by Melody McCallister To sign up for author read aloud https://forms.gle/oUMqq2NgJUVpbBMR9 How the I’m Sorry Story Developed Roughly eleven years ago, the I’m Sorry Story was floating in my head. I was teaching fifth grade in Garland, Texas and pregnant with my first child. I had been teaching for five years and… Read More »From the Author @mjmcalli – I’m Sorry Story

Rejoice your interface changed

REJOICE! Your Interface Has Changed

“The only constant in life is change”-Heraclitus. Being an expert in Google Apps is a lesson in humility. Constantly Google (and hopefully every product you use) is making their product better. Which means when you open Google Classroom or any other Google App it may look differently. Your favorite feature may be completely gone or a new feature is added that you… Read More »REJOICE! Your Interface Has Changed

Make Formative Assessment More Student Centered

Common Sense Media and Formative Assessment If you are not familiar with Common Sense Media allow me to introduce you to this great resource for helping parents and teachers navigate the digital world. Formative Assessment Tips Many of the most popular formative assessment and student-response apps make giving and scoring quizzes easy and efficient, but that’s just the tip of… Read More »Make Formative Assessment More Student Centered

edutopia pbl vs project

Project or PBL via @edutopia

What is the Difference Between a Project and PBL? On Twitter, Edutopia gave an example of the difference between a project and PBL and provided a video. As I struggle to provide my students with authentic PBL projects I gather resources and information on what PBL is to help me get started. Project: students spend one hour crafting a Mars… Read More »Project or PBL via @edutopia

Take a Break

Teachers, Take a Break!

Our Bodies and Our Brains Need a Break Last year I wrote Don’t Be the Holiday Grinch: Ditch the Break Packets. For years I made these giant holiday worksheet packets. WHY? No one told me to do that? I thought I had to do that, what from my past made me think this was something that was good for learning? I Will… Read More »Teachers, Take a Break!

Teacher Gift Ideas

What Do You Want for the Holidays?

Teacher Gift Ideas The holidays are coming up and some parents/students could use some help with gift giving ideas. Please use this Google Form to provide suggestions. I will create a list of the results. Loading… The Results  Make It Stick – Ditch Ineffective Learning Practices