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EdTech Can Make Life Better – Edufuturists Podcast

I had the privilege of chatting with the fine gentlemen at the edufuturists podcast. In episode #159 we talked a little about how EdTech can make life better. Let me emphasize the word “can.” Technology is not a caring teacher and can not replace one. Normal is always changing. I went to the Kansas Teacher Hall of Fame not too long ago. They have a 1 room school house in the back of the museum for you to check out. What a normal day looked like in the early 1900’s is not reflective of what a normal day looks like in the 2020’s. So when we think about “getting back to normal” … there is a new normal. Technology was an integral part in helping us to maneuver through the pandemic. We have all learned new skills and have created a new normal. How can we use technology to do what before was difficult or impossible? How do we move all students OFF the same pacing guide? How do we recognize that many students (and teachers) go through a variety of challenges and traumas? How do we rethink what is even important to teach?

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