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How to Convert Markdown in Google Docs

When pasting from ChatGPT you may need to know how to convert markdown in Google Docs. Those weird symbols instead of formatting. Quickly get your Google Doc looking normal with headings and bold.
How to Convert Markdown in Google Docs

How do you convert Markdown in your Google Doc? When pasting from ChatGPT or other AI platforms, it is possible that it is pasted with some funky symbols instead of headings and bolded words. If you want to know how to convert markdown in Google Docs try using Remove Blank Lines Add-on

Remove Blank Lines by Alice Keeler
Remove Blank Lines Add-on by AliceKeeler to convert markdown

What is Markdown?

Markdown is a way to format your text as you type without having to use the toolbar. 

Example of Headings in Markdown

# This is a large heading
## This is a medium heading
### This is a small heading

It can be slow to take your mouse up to the “Normal text” in the toolbar to change it to “Heading 1.” Certainly throwing a hashtag in front of the text is much faster. 

Enable Markdown Detection in Google Docs

In the Google Docs preferences, in the Tools menu, is an option to “Automatically detect markdown.” If you are keen to learn how to add a few symbols to your writing, as you type, this is an efficient option for quickly formatting your Google Doc. 

Pasting Markdown Into Your Google Doc

While you might not be writing in Markdown yourself, you may still encounter it when pasting text from platforms like ChatGPT, often resulting in a document filled with seemingly random symbols and formatting quirks.

What are all these pound symbols (hashtags)?! That is markdown.

Example of Markdown

# The Importance of Digital Literacy in Education

## Why Digital Literacy Matters

– Prepares students for the future workforce
– Enhances critical thinking and problem-solving skills
– Fosters creativity and innovation

How to Convert Markdown in Google Docs

Try using ChatGPT and using the clipboard icon to copy the results. Paste these results into a Google Doc

Use an Add-on for Google Docs

Enabling “Automatically detect markdown” will convert your markdown AS YOU TYPE IT. However, it will not seek out all the markdown in a document to convert it. After pasting from ChatGPT I have a lot of markdown to deal with and there is not yet a built in capability to convert all markdown. An add-on for Google Docs will help with this problem. 

Remove Blank Lines by AliceKeeler

I collect NO USER DATA! Remove Blank Lines is a FREE Add-on I created to help you with formatting your Google Doc after pasting from ChatGPT or other platforms. 

How to Convert Markdown in Google Docs using AliceKeeler Add-on Remove Blank Lines

To make it quick and easy to convert markdown in Google Docs I coded an Add-on. First install Remove Blank Lines by AliceKeeler. Then, paste text from ChatGPT into the Google Doc. Use the Extensions menu to locate “Remove Blank Lines by AliceKeeler.”

I created Remove Blank Lines Add-on specifically to handle formatting from when I paste from ChatGPT. You will notice there are several options. 

If you want to convert the pound/hashtag symbols to headings all at once, use the “## to Headings” option. 

Quick from ChatGPT™

When using ChatGPT there is not just the headings that might be in markdown. Choose the option “Quick from ChatGPT” to convert the markdown in Google Docs all at once. 

Try Converting Markdown in Google Docs

Click here to make a copy of a Google Doc that has markdown. 

Use the Extensions menu to select “Remove Blank Lines by AliceKeeler.”

Select “Quick from ChatGPT™” to convert the markdown in Google Docs. 

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