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Google Docs: How to Give Emoji Feedback

Feedback is communicating and this can be done in a variety of ways. Emojis are communication and can be used for feedback in a Google Doc. Check out how to give emoji feedback in a Google Doc
How to give emoji feedback in google docs
Google Docs: How to Give Emoji Feedback

When texting with my personal children I often get back only a series of emojis from them. Emojis are the language of people younger than me. They add a fun flare to our communication. Google Docs has a built in feature to allow you to give students feedback with emojis. Here is how to give emoji feedback:

Google Docs Feedback

When using Google Docs, one way to give feedback is to insert comments. I love to use the keyboard shortcut: Control Alt M. However, you can add comments by highlighting text and holding down the Control key and the Alt key at the same time. Then press M once to insert the comment. Mac users this is Command Option M.

After typing your comment use Control Enter to save the comment.

How to Give Emoji Feedback

Comments are great, but what about emojis? Emojis ARE communication and can speak more than a complete sentence sometimes.

In Google Docs, highlight the text you wish to comment on with an emoji.

After highlighting text, a toolbar will appear on the edge of the document to provide you with the option to insert a comment, insert an emoji, or switch to suggestion mode.

Click on the face option to select an emoji.

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Highlight the word sharks and click on the emoji face in the side to search for an emoji. Google Docs: How to Give Emoji Feedback

Search for Emojis

Highlight the text you wish to give an emoji comment on. Click on the face icon in the toolbar that appears on the edge of the document. This will bring up a chart of potential emojis. Notice the SEARCH bar that allows you to quickly find just the right emoji. Click on the emoji and it is automatically added as a reaction to the text.

No Keyboard Shortcut for Comment Emojis

Unfortunately, there is no keyboard shortcut to add emoji comments. You will need to use the toolbar option to add the emoji reaction.

Find the Emoji Comments

Teach students to look for your feedback.

When students return to their documents they can quickly find any feedback you left them by clicking on the comment icon in the upper right near the share button. This shows a list of all recent feedback in the Google Doc. This helps students to see what you most recently left them for feedback on their work. Emojis are part of this feedback.

Find emoji feedback comments by clicking on the comment icon in the upper right of google docs.

Students can click on the emoji comment to jump them down to the part of the Google Doc where you left the reaction.

How to Give Emoji Feedback in Google Docs

  1. Open a Google Doc
  2. Highlight text in the document
  3. Use the comment toolbar on the edge of the document
  4. Click on the face icon in the toolbar
  5. Search for an emoji
  6. Click on the emoji
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