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Be Careful – Sharing Google Forms

Be careful sharing Google Forms with teachers and collaborators. They do not work quite the same as Google Docs.
Be Careful – Sharing Google Forms

Google Forms is technically collaborative. But notice unlike Google Docs, Sheets, Slides there is no SHARE button in the corner. Be warned,

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3 Dots

As usual, be on the lookout for the 3 dots “More options” menu. There you will find the ability to “Add collaborator.” This will bring up the same sharing box you find in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides EXCEPT it is editor only.

There is no “Viewer” option when collaborating

Adding a teacher to your form allows the teacher to edit your form. Which means they could also change your form in ways you did not intend.

Send Button

If you are like me you are a creature of habit. When you want to share a document you click on the button in the upper right. In Google Forms this is the SEND button. While this does not open the sharing window, notice the “Add collaborators” at the bottom of the pop up.

No Version History

The challenge in adding collaborators is that there is NO VERSION HISTORY in Google Forms. If the collaborator changes a question or deletes a question you can not fix it easily.

No Insert Comments

Unlike Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides you can not insert comments into a Form to collaborate around what ideas you want to include or not include. Tip to start by creating a collaborative Google Doc to have conversations around the questions and then copy paste them into the Form.

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