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Magic! Automatic Daily Agenda Google Slides

Automatically have a daily agenda slide added to a Google Slides.
Magic! Automatic Daily Agenda Google Slides

Creating a daily agenda allows students to know what they are learning today. The challenge with writing it on the board is that it is temporary and limits who is able to see the agenda. Using an ongoing Google Slides for the daily agenda allows admin, guardians, and absent students to know what the daily objective is. A Google Slides daily agenda shows the history of what students are expected to tackle each day. A definite improvement over writing it on the board. 

Automatic Daily Agenda Google Slides

Answer the question “What are we doing today?” by sharing a Google Slides daily agenda. Old school is writing your lesson objectives on the board so your admin can see them when they walk in the room. Update this by using Google Slides instead!

I created a free Add-on to automatically generate a new slide for you every day with the date!

Unofficial Add-on

Make a copy of the template. This add-on is not yet approved by Google so you will not find it in the Marketplace

Google Slides Daily Agenda

Make a copy of this Google Slides

Why Google Slides

Google Slides is perfect for your daily agenda. Instead of writing the objectives on the board, you can project the slide as students come in. Easily embed the Google Slides onto your class website. This keeps your website updated daily with zero effort. When you update the slides, the website will be updated. Add a link to your agenda slides to your signature line of your email. When parents, admin, or other stakeholders click on the link they always have the current agenda for the day.

First Slide is Daily Agenda Google Slides

You want the new agenda of the day to always be at the top. 

As soon as anyone opens the Google Slides link they should immediately see the current agenda, no scrolling. If you embed the Google Slides on a website it will only show the first slide, so this needs to be the current agenda.

AI generated image of an agenda on a computer. Not an actual daily agenda Google Slides
AI generated image of an agenda

Yesterday's Google Slides Daily Agenda

AI generated image of today's agenda on a computer.
AI Generated Image

When you write the agenda on the board, you erase it. No record. So when a student who was absent comes back you get “What did I miss?” Even if you are posting everything to Google Classroom it may not be clear what exactly was covered that day. With the daily Google Slides, what did we do yesterday is always slide 2. Use the same Google Slides all year for your agenda to provide a timeline of what you did every day.

I am actually using the exact same agenda Google Slides as I did last year. I can scroll down down down to last years slides to see what I did this same time last year to help me with lesson planning.

Slide 2 is Yesterday

Each day, add the new agenda to the top. Thus yesterday is always slide 2. 

Using Automatic Daily Agenda Google Slides

The Add-on I created will insert a new slide at the top of the Google Slides with the current day and date already on the slides.

A trigger automatically adds the slide each weekday.

Screenshot of Google Slides showing a slide with the day and date
Screenshot of Auto date menu

Not Authorized by Google

The Google Slides daily agenda Add-on has not been submitted to Google for approval. 

Most of my Add-ons I do not submit to Google to be authorized. NONE of my Add-ons collect user data or PII. You will get a warning screen that the Add-on is not authorized by Google, this is because I did not submit it to Google. You are only authorizing YOURSELF access to your own files.

Locate the Auto Date menu next to the help menu. 

Select “Authorize” to enable the add-on.

Manually Add an Agenda Slide

Using the Add-on menu you can manually select “Monday”, “Tuesday”, etc… This adds a new slide to the TOP with that day on it, along with the current date.

The date is editable. If you want to add Tuesday’s agenda on Monday, modify the Tuesday slide date. 

Screenshot of auto date menu to add a slide

Automate Daily

Select “Automate” to have a new slide added automatically every weekday morning. This has been fantastic for me. I show up at school, click on the Google Slides (I bookmarked it on the bookmarks bar) and just type what I am doing today. It is ready to go with the date.

Screenshot of Google Slides with Daily agenda shown on each slide

Other Formats

If you would instead prefer the date format to be year/month/day use the “Other Formats” menu.


If you would prefer to create your agenda slides the night before, use the “Tomorrow” option in the “Other Formats” menu. This will add a slide with the date of tomorrow. For example if today is Thursday September 2nd. If I choose Friday from the tomorrow menu a Friday slide will be added but with the date of the 3rd.

Screenshot of the menu of other formats showing you can post in year month day format or tomorrow

9 thoughts on “Magic! Automatic Daily Agenda Google Slides

  1. Alice,
    Everyday I go into my Google Slides and make a copy of the slide and drag to the top like you mentioned in your tutorial. You have just saved so much time. Thank you for sharing these tips and tricks. I have already gone and edited my daily document. Thank you for sharing your expertise.
    -Rebecca H

  2. I am loving using this! Thanks so much. Is there a way to adjust the Mon-Fri slides? I would like them each to be set up to put in Science and SS homework.

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