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No Video, No Problem: Flipgrid Has the Answer

No Video, No Problem: Flipgrid Has the Answer

Bitmoji of guest author, Marcia Carrillo.
Guest Post by Marcia Carrillo

Flipgrid Without Video

“I don’t want to show my face!” Is something educators hear when they challenge their students to make videos and demonstrate their learning and thinking.  Not all students or educators feel comfortable having their FACE be the main focus of a video. Sometimes we have a bad hair day, don’t wear make-up or we just don’t feel like showing our face in a video. The amazing thing is Flipgrid has a few solutions for this and it still allows everyone to engage, create and participate.

Once you click on “Record a Response” select “Options”

Select “Mic only”

While you are recording this screen will completely protect the individual’s face and only record their voice.  This is a great option to use for Podcasting  and reading scripts too.

When the student submits their video this will be the thumbnail image.

Try Click on Effects

Now, click on “Filters” and select from two specific filters. Several of the filters you select can enhance your image and are fun to try.

Scroll to the right using the arrow and select the red LEGO filter or the colorful PIXELATED filter.  The LEGO filter is large pixels and the Pixel filter is small pixels with a slight image of your face, somewhat blurred.  Both of these filters will hide or blur the face of the individual. 

LEGO Filter on computer   
LEGO Filter on Phone


 PIXEL Filter on computer     
PIXEL filter on phone

Try Pixelated Filters


The Pixelated and Lego filters can be enhanced with markers, stickers, and text which allow students to be creative and have fun, even though they don’t show their face. Below is an example of how creative you can be even without showing your FACE!

LEGO filter with stickers on computer  
LEGO filter on Phone


About the Author

Guest Blog by Marcia Carrillo.  Marcia has been a secondary educator for over 30 years and is currently teaching Independent Studies at an alternative high school in California. She has earned her B.S. in Physical Education and Biology and her M.A. in Organizational Leadership.  She presented at #FallCUE in 2019 with her Mentor team.She is passionate about student centered learning and using technology to improve learning and engage students.  She can be followed at @MCarrilloEDU on Twitter and Instagram

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