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Math Teachers – Graspable Math is for YOU!

Use Graspable Math for developing procedural fluency with students.
Math Teachers – Graspable Math is for YOU!

Tim Brzezinski is the master at using digital tools for teaching math. At the #VirtualMath21 conference he shared on a new tool Graspable Math. This tool is a game changer for helping students gain procedural fluency. Below I have shared the archive from Tim presenting on Graspable Math at the conference.

“It would nearly be malpractice for any Algebra teacher to not use Graspable Math.” – Dr. Chris Brownell

Introduction to the Graspable Math Canvas

YouTube video

Create Your Own Graspable Math Activities

YouTube video

Even More

If you click on a number when the SCRUB tool is selected (instead of dragging up & down to change it), GM will show you where & how this value affects each successive line.

PRESS & HOLD DOWN your finger or mouse over an =, <, or > sign. Wait 1 sec. Here, you can now perform the same operation to both sides (“E”) of your equation or inequality!

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