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Archive Your Google Classroom Classes

It is the end of the semester archive your Google Classroom classes
Archive Your Google Classroom Classes

Do students still need to submit work in Google Classroom? If not, ARCHIVE the class! You can reuse assignments from archived classes so do not delete the class, archive it!

3 Dots

Go to the 3 dots menu on the Classes page (home page) of Google Classroom and choose “Archive.” This will remove the tile from your Classes page and prevent students from submitting work or comments.

Edit First

Consider, before archiving the Google Classroom class that you edit the class. Use the 3 dots to choose “Edit.”

When you go back to reuse assignments, how might you name the class so that it is easy for you to identify the class? Consider adding an emoji or “archived” or the school year or something to the class title to make it faster to identify in the future.

For the “Section” line when describing a class I always recommend you include the school year so you know how old it is. I do this when I set up the class in the first place.

Remove Students

If you are ready to archive your Google Classroom class, you may want to remove the students from the class. Be warned you lose all comments and data on those students so make sure you do not need to go back to student information on that class at all before you remove the students.

To remove students go to the People tab on Classroom BEFORE you archive. If you have already archived, you will need to use the 3 lines menu to choose “Archived classes.” Use the 3 dots on the archived class to restore the class. Then go to the People tab, select all students, and use the drop down to “Remove.” Archive the class again.

1 thought on “Archive Your Google Classroom Classes

  1. Hi Alice, I wonder if I could ask a quick question? My students still have their classrooms from last year. If you archive your classrooms, do they disappear from the student’s view so they are fresh for next year or do you need to remove students before you archive? Or is there something students can do to clear up their space?
    Thank you ?

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