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How to Make a Perfect Circle in Jamboard


Today my lesson involved circles so I wanted the student to model their math with circles not ellipses. Google Jamboard is a great tool for students to show their learning. ( Ex: Google Jamboard: Using Open Middle Math Problems ) The problem is, when you use the shape tool on Jamboard and click and drag you’ll end up with an ellipse. Here is the trick for how to make a perfect circle in Jamboard instead.

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make a circle vs ellipse in Google Jamboard by just tapping rather than tap and drag

How to make a perfect circle in Google Jamboard rather than an ellipse.

  • Single Click

    The trick to making a perfect circle in Jamboard is to just click. Select the shapes tool and circle and then tap on the frame.

  • Resize

    When you tap a circle is created, but Jamboard makes it in a default size. Use the resizing handles in the bottom right corner to make larger or smaller while maintaining the proportions. In other words, to avoid stretching out the circle.

  • Change the Color

    Having selected the circle you created, use the fill tools in the horizontal toolbar at the top of the frame.

Tip: make the perfect circle transparent so you can use it to circle things in Jamboard 🙂

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