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QUICK – Make an Animated GIF with Snagit

QUICK – Make an Animated GIF with Snagit

I can not live without Snagit by TechSmith. I use it every single day. It allows me to take screenshots and easily manipulate the images. It also allows me to record my screen, do light video editing. I can INSANELY EASILY convert the video to an animated GIF.

Not Free

Let me start with the disclaimer that Snagit is NOT free and NOT an add-on or extension. It is however, a ONE TIME FEE. It does NOT work on Chromebooks. It is a program you download and install to your PC or Mac.

GIF in Seconds

This animated GIF took me seconds to create. Snagit makes them with one button click.

First I recorded my screen using Snagit. This immediately opens the video in the Snagit editor. I then click on “GIF” and boom, that is it! I DRAGGED the animated GIF into this Wordpress blog post. Usually I DRAG it into a Google Slides or Google Doc.

Education Discount Pricing


Save $23

Regular price for Snagit is $49.99. Use this link to save an extra 10% off the educator discount pricing. Disclaimer: this is an affiliate link that provides me a small commission.


For more robust video editing use TechSmith Camtasia.

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