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Saturday Coffee with Amanda Fox, Alice Keeler, and Melody McAllister Jan 23, 2021

Saturday Coffee with Amanda Fox, Alice Keeler, and Melody McAllister Jan 23, 2021
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On some Saturday mornings Melody and I jump onto Streamyard to have coffee and chat about our week. This weeks Saturday morning guest was Amanda Fox, teacher and author of the book MarkerTown. We had lots of fun conversations not only about our coffee mugs but teaching and grading practices as well.

Highlights of the Coffee Chat

  • Part of the creativity process is taking constructive feedback.
  • [tweet]”Don’t be afraid to walk through doors that open” – Amanda Fox[/tweet]
  • Melody updated her website http://mjmcalliwrites.com
  • Check out Amanda Fox Kickstarter for a kids book on MarkerTown with Augmented Reality. http://bit.ly/markertown
  • Amanda and Alice are grateful for having an editor when writing books.
  • “Even J.K. Rowling has an editor” – Barton Keeler
  • Metaink Publishing is a new venture by Amanda Fox. http://metainkpublishing.com
  • “Asking for help or feedback is actually a precious gift to giveaway” – Hammarstrand
  • [tweet]”Feedback we got as kids made us feel we are good at something or bad at something” – Melody McAllister[/tweet]
  • Melody thought at first she had to use a red pen because others did, but you do not have to be bound by tradition.
  • “My goal for feedback is to inspire” – Tyson Gardin
  • “No, we are not going to move on, we are going to help you get better.” Persevere in feedback loops!
  • [tweet]A point is not a unit of currency[/tweet]
  • Without grades Melody’s kids think school is about growing.
  • “Grades cause anxiety and fear of failure… it stumps growth” – Tyson Gardin
  • [tweet]”Why are we using digital tools to do grading practices of 100 years?! We can do better” [/tweet]
  • “Failure is not fatal. Create a culture of success.”
  • “We are in the business of assessing what kids CAN do and have learned, not recording failure.”
  • Difference between doctors appointments and autopsy. No one changes their behavior from info from their autopsy.
  • I use the phrase “Autopsy feedback” to contrast with formative feedback.
  • As Dave Burgess says… “Do not just teac a lesson, create an experience.”

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