Today I accidentally deleted an event on my calendar. I’m still not sure how I accidentally did that. So I needed to go to the trash and recover the deleted event to put it back. The trash however is not easy to find.

Settings Cog

Look in the upper right of Google Calendar to find the settings cog.


Under the settings cog is the menu option of “Trash.”

Restore Swoopy

In the trash, hover over the event you wish to restore. This will change the date it was deleted to a swoopy icon and a trash icon. Be warned, your events will automatically permanently delete after 30 days. If you want to speed that up you can click the trash can in the trash to permanently delete (ie: can not undo).

Use the swoopy icon to put the event back in your calendar.

Restore Multiple Events at Once

Checkbox multiple deleted events at once and use the swoopy icon at the top of the list to restore them all at once.

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