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Google Sheets: What is On My Google Calendar

Calendar Events
Google Sheets: What is On My Google Calendar

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Create a List of Your Google Calendar Events

Have you ever wanted a simple list of every event on your Google Calendar? Use this Google Sheets template to extract a list of your events.



Calendar ID

When you create a copy of the template you will notice a spot in cell B2 on the info tab to paste the id of the Google Calendar you want to make a list of.

To obtain the calendar id, look on the left hand side of Google Calendar and for the calendar you want, click on the 3 dots on the calendar and choose “Settings.”
3 dots calendar

Scroll down a little to find the calendar id and copy it.
Copy calendar id


In cells B3 and B4 of the info sheet adjust the dates for the list of events you want to review.


Wait for a few seconds after making a copy of the template and a menu next to the help menu appears called “Get My Calendar.” Select “Get List.”
Use the calendar menu


You will need to authorize the Add-on script. You may get a screen of doom that has a button that says “Back to Safety.” It is safe. I personally coded this Add-on. Click on the tiny words “advanced” and the tiny words “unsafe” (again, it is safe.) and accept the access permissions. Note you are authorizing YOURSELF access, not anyone else.

List Created

That is it! A new sheet will be added with a list of your calendar events and the amount of time the event lasts assuming it is not an all day or multi-day event.

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