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Look For the Math Around You By @EveryoneCanMath

Patterns are everywhere – in nature, our homes, in the classroom, and even on clothes! When children notice patterns in the world around them, they begin to make connections to patterning and algebra concepts in mathematics.

Look For the Math Around You By @EveryoneCanMath

New Photo Book Series & Guest Post By Alice Aspinall

The Look for the Math Around You series, recently published by Code Breaker Inc, features six photo books, each exploring math concepts including Arrays, Estimation, Fractions, Geometry, Math Chats, and Patterns. Alice Aspinall, author of children’s book Everyone Can Learn Math has compiled a collection of 22 photos for each book, accompanied by question prompts to help start math conversations with your students and children.

Arrays are an excellent way to arrange objects for visual effect and for easy counting. When children understand the rows and columns in an array, they make connections to addition, multiplication, and division concepts. 

Estimating is a skill we use every day. When children learn to hone their estimating skills, they begin to estimate everything around them – correct answers to math problems, materials needed for an art project, and even how long it will take them to fold their laundry! 

Fractions appear in many ways in our lives – not just in the classroom. Explore the countless places we can find fractions in our world. 

Shapes, lines, and angles are everywhere around us; together, they make up the beauty of our world. When children can see geometry concepts all around them, they begin to make connections to what they learn about in the classroom.

Most of our everyday experiences can spark a math chat – we just need to be on the lookout. Children develop a love of mathematics when they learn to make connections that are relevant in their lives.

Patterns are everywhere – in nature, our homes, in the classroom, and even on clothes!  When children notice patterns in the world around them, they begin to make connections to patterning and algebra concepts in mathematics. 

Alice Aspinall

Perfect For Everyone!

Perfect for reading at home or in the classroom, these books will help children see math in their daily lives. Math is everywhere around us – let’s help our children see it. Use the optional prompts or go off-script and have fun looking for the math around you!

About The Author

Alice Aspinall, B.Math(Hon), B.Ed, is a Portuguese-Canadian secondary mathematics educator in Ontario, Canada. She loves spending time with her husband and two children reading books, playing math games, and exploring the outdoors.

Alice is a strong advocate of the growth mindset. She is continually looking for ways to build young people’s confidence in math and to make math fun, challenging, and satisfying. Her innovative lessons and her dedication in the classroom have made a positive impact on her students’ attitudes toward math. Her YouTube channel, “MrsALovesMath,” exemplifies her commitment to her students’ learning.

Alice is also a champion for females in STEM by encouraging girls to pursue science and mathematics both in high school and in post-secondary education.

Alice believes everyone can learn math and she is on a mission to prove it.  


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