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Creating A @SmoreNewsletter by @MCarrilloEDU

Guest Post by Marcia Carrillo


Effective Communication: How can we accomplish this efficiently and effectively? 

Consider trying smore.com

Communication is important to all types of businesses, educational communities, athletics, clubs, and all types of programs.  Providing students a ‘choice’ to create a NEWSLETTER will allow them the opportunity to demonstrate their learning, incorporate the 4C’s and learn a skill that is relevant.  

Create a Digital Newsletter

I wanted to create a newsletter to send out quarterly to our Induction Governance Panel, to leverage their involvement and support.  A colleague of mine shared that our district recently switched to smore.com for their digital newsletter and it is impressive.   Smore allows you to make 3 newsletters for FREE and then they have special educator pricing plans that are affordable and worth it. 

I sent out my first Induction newsletter, called EMPOWER and within a few hours I had 85 views.  I spent about an hour creating this simple and basic newsletter, as a trial and practice.  I look forward to creating more newsletters and sharing this tool with teachers and students.

Step 1:  Go to smore.com and click Sign up for free.

professional communication tools for professional educators

Step 2:  Sign-in with Google or one the other options

sign in with google or another option

Step 3:  Click on Start a newsletter

Step 4:  Select the type of Newsletter. I selected the ‘Weekly Update’.

select the type of newsletter

Step 5:  Type the title of your newsletter and change the font, background color, etc.

Weekly Update

Step 6:  You will then have several tools and options that are built right into the newsletter template.  Paragraph, pictures, links, buttons, files, videos, etc.

Step 7:  When your awesome newsletter is completed, click ‘Done Editing’.

Step 8: Share your newsletter using a variety of methods. A link and embed code are created automatically.  You can also print and download as a pdf.  Newsletter analytics are available to monitor the activity with your newsletter.

Step 9:  Once you have created a newsletter you will need to go to your ‘profile’ to start future newsletters and click on, ‘Start a new newsletter’.

Guest Blog by Marcia Carrillo.  Marcia has been a secondary educator for 31 years and is currently the Induction Coordinator for her district, located in Atwater, CA. She is passionate about student centered learning, using technology to improve learning and #equity.  She can be followed at @MarciaMentor on Twitter and Instagram.

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