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Happy Birthday Sarah Thomas! Give @sarahdateechur a Follow

Happy Birthday, Dr. Sarah Thomas! Thank you for all you have done to help be a change maker in education!
Happy Birthday Sarah Thomas! Give @sarahdateechur a Follow
Happy Birthday Sarah

Today is Dr. Sarah Thomas‘ birthday and she is a educator I highly respect and follow. She is an entrepreneur and genuinely amazingly good person. She is the founder of EduMatch and EduMatch Publishing while also working full time as a tech leader in her district AND she is also a Keynote Speaker and author who speaks on gamification of curriculum and issues of equity and social justice in education. One of Sarah’s gifts is lifting up others, so today I want to lift her up!

EduMatch & EduMatch Publishing

Dr. Sarah Thomas is the founder of EduMatch (edumatch.org). This foundation is NOT a dating site haha, but if you are wanting to partner with an eduator of similar interest across the globe, you can go to this site and start connecting! It was through this foundation that EduMatch Publishing became more than a dream! It’s a publishing company that seeks to amplify authentic educator and student voices, especially those who have often been silenced in our history. If you are looking for projects and books from a publishing company that publishes books by educators, for educators, then you will really enjoy browsing books at edumatchpublishing.com! Their catalog offers a variety of books from professional development, leadership, educator mental health, and even children’s books.

Check Out These EduMatch Publishing Titles from Authors Who Have Guest Blogged:

Real Love by Alexes Terry
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REAL Love: Strategies for Teaching Students Who See No Way Out
by Alexes M. Terry
Making Assessment Work
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Making Assessment Work for Educators Who Hate Data but LOVE Kids
by Dr. Dave Schmittou
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Uncoventional Ways to Thrive in EDU
by Dr. Rachelle Dene Poth
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EduMatch Snapshot in Education 2019
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Everyone Can Learn Math 2nd Edition
by Alice Aspinall
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The Tiebreaker: A Scouting Report on Building A Culture of Gamification in Professional Learning
by Rebecca Gibboney

Happy Birthday, Dr. Sarah! Thank you for all you have done to help be a change maker in education!

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