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Going Gradeless with @mssackstein

Going Gradeless with @mssackstein

Guest blog post by Starr Sackstein

Start of School Series: Hacking Assessment Q & As – Shifting the Grading Mindset

On this week’s Q & A, Isaac Wells and I discuss shifting the grading mindset. Defining this concept and how the grading mindset has come to shape students and teachers in our system.

As we change the way we think about assessment, we must also rethink the grading/justice mindset and think more in terms of equity. Learning is a complex experience and we need to honor it with a more nuanced and focused vocabulary.

Grades simply don’t provide the necessary language to adequately communicate this experience. Watch this week’s episode and share your comments in the Facebook group.

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The Live Hacking Assessment Q and A happens on Friday mornings at 11am Eastern in the Teachers Throwing Out Grades Facebook Group.

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