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Snagit for Screenshots, Video, and Animated GIF’s

I LOVE SNAGIT! I can not live without it. It is how I do almost all of my screenshots. This is how I record my videos usually. It is a one button click to create an animated GIF that I can drag into my Google Apps. It’s amazing, easy, and powerful.

Educator Discount

Snagit is a one time cost (not a subscription) for $49.95. Educators get a discount:

Alice waves
I recorded myself with Snagit and pushed one button to make this looping animation. I dragged it from Snagit into this blog post. SO EASY!

Easy GIF’s

After recording a video using Snagit (or you can import video to Snagit) click one button to turn it into an animated GIF. I also can drag those right into Google Docs/Slides.


Your PC has the Snipping Tool and Mac users can use Control Shift 4 to take a screenshot but they are not as good as Snagit, not even close. After taking the screenshot it opens in the Snagit editor. I can easily cut out parts of the image and it auto fills it in so you would never know it was there. I can blur out student names. Add arrows and text bubbles.

Drag the altered screenshot right into Google Docs/Slides.


No question, Camtasia is a better video editor. (Or iMovie or others) However, it’s also more complicated (discount price is $152). Usually I just want to edit out where the internet was slow to load or where I messed up. Snagit is awesome for this! I use the Snagit video editor every day!

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